Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Up until this point, I have not written much about my workplace injury and subsequent dealings with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, herein known as WSIB. The simple reason for my avoidance of this touchy subject is that the topic upsets me terribly. I'm talking rapid heart-rate, sweaty palms, I think I might vomit kind of upset. I'm not the only one either. A simple google search will bring up thousands, or rather hundreds of thousands of sites indicating the exact same experience with these so called, 'worker's compensation boards'. I use the word compensation lightly as compensate they most certainly DO NOT. Torture and emotionally beat down, yes, but compensate definitely not.

Back early in the 1900's these boards were developed to assist injured workers but today they are nothing more than insurance companies hell bent on denying claims and saving money. They do everything in their power to search for even the slightest of inaccuracies that they can use against the injured worker and use it they do. Until I had to deal with them, I had no idea just how cruel and cold-hearted they could really be. My initial conversation with my adjudicator was lovely. She informed me that she was there to help me and do everything within her power to assist in my recovery and return to work. Hell yes, she was great, awesome in fact. She would ensure that I was offered every resource available, I was not to worry my pretty little head, she would have everything taken care of and I was to simply focus on my recovery. Sounds wonderful doesn't it? Well, it was wonderful, for the first couple of weeks. Even my employer was great for the first few weeks. Then everyone did an about-face and turned on me like they do every injured worker.

They assume everyone is a fraud. There is no innocent until proven guilty here...you are just guilty and playing up your injury. But who in their right mind would set themselves up for such torture if they didn't have to? Trust me, if I were able, I would be back a work, immediately. I have my nursing, university undergrad community health, plus every nursing and health related course available. I have been a nurse for 20 years and loved every minute of it. If I could I would be there in a heartbeat! Without it, I feel empty.

My physician filled out a report August of 2008 stating my limitations and that if I were to attempt modified duty yet again, I was to have a place to lie down and rest when the pain became too much. It was faxed to my employer with a cover page specifically asking if they could provide this. I heard nothing. Not a hi, goodbye or kiss my arse. I was basically ignored for the past 9 months with of course no lost wages or back-pay being offered.

Recently, I asked my lawyer to formulate a letter stating that I have done everything by the book and they have pretty much ignored me. Well, that did it. My employer called today for the 1st time in 9 months asking for another report stating my limitations. The doctor wrote exactly the same thing as last time and so here I wait, wondering if they will accomodate me. They are actually required by law to provide any accomodations necessary to allow me to return. They were after all the ones that ignored the danger in my workplace that lead to this injury. The problem is, in my tiny little town here, we also have a tiny little satellite office that barely houses 2 desks. Where they would put a cot or bed is beyond me. I would only be doing paperwork and other light duties anyhow. As far as nursing goes, I will never work as a nurse again, and that my dear readers, breaks my heart! If they only knew...or cared.

I'll return shortly with an update as to what they plan to do with me next.

Until then, take care and PLEASE don't get injured on the job,


Jeanne said...


I'm so sorry for everything you've been through. It is terribly unfortunate when people are assumed to be "working the system" due to the very small minority of people who misuse the system and wreck it for others, such as yourself.

Obviously you wouldn't choose to go through this by choice. Dealing with lawyers/headaches and being away from a career you love and miss "by choice" makes no sense at all.

To have all of this be brought on by an injury that took place in the very workplace that is now unwilling to make the accomodations needed for you to return to work is a double blow, I'm sure.

I'm sorry. I'm sending positive energy your way.


lost butterfly said...

Thank you Jeanne for your kindness and words of wisdom. You have no idea how much of an impact you have made on me.
Thank you!

Jeanne said...


You have lots of inner strength and you will "find your way" in time.

I thought of a book you might like:

Winning the Disability Challenge: A Practical Guide to Successful Living by John F. Tholen, PhDDr. Tholen counseled disabled patients for many years before himself becoming disabled due to an injury. So he has "seen both sides", so to speak.

It just popped into my head as a book you might like to check out.