Thursday, January 14, 2010


I thought I owed my faithful readers another update and certainly an apology regarding being MIA...Unfortunately, things with the laptop did not go well. As you know, I sent it into the Acer Repair Depo via Purolator. I suppose that was mistake number one-however hindsight and all that...

Anyhow, my laptop apparently arrived at Acer with a BROKEN SCREEN. It was sent in for a problem with overheating. Now Acer in their grand wisdom, documented the broken screen and promptly returned it to me via Fed-Ex. (Of course nothing was done about the overheating-which is somewhat irrelevant now anyhow.)

I contacted Purolator and informed them that my laptop screen had obviously been damaged while in transit. They immediately informed me that because Acer sent it back, the insurance I purchased was then VOID. I was told that it should have remained at the Acer Depo and they then send a person out to view the damage before they allow a claim. Now, one would assume that Acer should know such information and be aware that they have virtually voided the Purolator insurance and left me empty-handed. I can not begin to explain how upset I am at both Acer and Purolator.

I waited patiently for my laptop to be repaired and here I am with not only an overheating issue but now a broken screen to top it off. Neither Acer nor Purolator is accepting responsibility for this which leaves me presently without a laptop. Those that have followed my blog, know that due to my workplace injury, money is quite an issue. I have no clue when or if I will be able to pay to replace the screen or wait until the day comes that I can purchase a new one.

To be perfectly honest, I am not sure I wish to own an Acer after what they have done. I have infrequently been using the PC I have here-however that poses a couple of issues. First-it is very slow and frustrates the life out of me-and second-the entire reason for having a laptop was so that I could lie in bed and manage my pain without sitting at a desk with the PC.

What can I say...Caveat emptor...this buyer will certainly beware from this point forward. Thanks Acer-you've been awesome!