Thursday, January 14, 2010


I thought I owed my faithful readers another update and certainly an apology regarding being MIA...Unfortunately, things with the laptop did not go well. As you know, I sent it into the Acer Repair Depo via Purolator. I suppose that was mistake number one-however hindsight and all that...

Anyhow, my laptop apparently arrived at Acer with a BROKEN SCREEN. It was sent in for a problem with overheating. Now Acer in their grand wisdom, documented the broken screen and promptly returned it to me via Fed-Ex. (Of course nothing was done about the overheating-which is somewhat irrelevant now anyhow.)

I contacted Purolator and informed them that my laptop screen had obviously been damaged while in transit. They immediately informed me that because Acer sent it back, the insurance I purchased was then VOID. I was told that it should have remained at the Acer Depo and they then send a person out to view the damage before they allow a claim. Now, one would assume that Acer should know such information and be aware that they have virtually voided the Purolator insurance and left me empty-handed. I can not begin to explain how upset I am at both Acer and Purolator.

I waited patiently for my laptop to be repaired and here I am with not only an overheating issue but now a broken screen to top it off. Neither Acer nor Purolator is accepting responsibility for this which leaves me presently without a laptop. Those that have followed my blog, know that due to my workplace injury, money is quite an issue. I have no clue when or if I will be able to pay to replace the screen or wait until the day comes that I can purchase a new one.

To be perfectly honest, I am not sure I wish to own an Acer after what they have done. I have infrequently been using the PC I have here-however that poses a couple of issues. First-it is very slow and frustrates the life out of me-and second-the entire reason for having a laptop was so that I could lie in bed and manage my pain without sitting at a desk with the PC.

What can I say...Caveat emptor...this buyer will certainly beware from this point forward. Thanks Acer-you've been awesome!


Kerry said...

I feel for you as the current state of my PC is terminal. I'm keeping my fingers crossed as it clunks along on its last legs as I work on finding its replacement. It's incredible how we have come to depend on these machines.

Wishing you quick and efficient repairs.

Jeanne said...


Sorry for all the trouble. That sounds frustrating! :(


Dennis Pyritz, RN said...

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Cassandra said...

Hey Aunt Jeanette.
LOVED the last line. definitely made me LOL.
As for the purolator trouble - there's no guarentee from purolator that it wont get damaged.. they throw things everywhere (I know - i worked for them) Acer should have held the package for purolator to go look at because once they send it back - the damage can't be claimed. Acer SHOULD know this ; they're idiots if they don't.
Also ; i hate my PC too. lol its way too slow! If only there were a way to make them faster eh?
Hope you are feeling well and that the family is doing well also! : )

Miss you!

Mary said...


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Anonymous said...

Hey there< I found you via a comment you left on a news article regarding pain and depression. I am Katelyn Bradwell- the woman they profiled. Just wanted to say I read your comment, and can empathize. the article was misleading regarding my use of antidepressants to lessen pain. I did not use the antidepressant meds for more than 6 weeks. I did however treat the depression with a comprehensive chronic pain program (30 days) that helped tremendously on every level. Started exercising a little- and over a year built up strength. The yoga I do- i am convinced helps treat both the pain and the depression. But I was mad at the way my story was hijacked by the news for their own purposes of backing up a study on antidepressants and pain. You can find me at if you want to be in touch. Peace to you, whatever state your pain is in these days.

Heath said...

I too share your pain. I also have an Acer and have been hitting a wall trying to obtain the most basic technical info from them.
And after the insulting long wait for the cashback offer (as promised upon purchase) I will never buy another Acer again.

Shauna said...

Dearest Jeannette,

I can empathize with your situation, concerning these wonderful laptops that allow us in Pain to keep our Blogs up, our email, our lifeline to the world; in the most comfortable way possible.....and when we are relegated back to those dinosaur desktops when the laptops decide to take a break, well...I basically can't do that anymore--!! The sitting for any length of time on the most ergonomic chair I could find, for more than 5 minutes, causes severe spasms and vertebral pain; and that's it for me and the desktop!

You know that our situations are very similar with having our careers cut short, losing so much of our accustomed way of living due to leaving work, and in the end; these types of things such as our laptops needing some lovin', can become huge issues to us and alter our ability to keep up what we now have both naturally fallen into--writing about our lives, our daily challenges; and keeping up connections with others--many also in Chronic Pain and Illnesses, to give them our love, knowledge, empathy and support, and we get oh so much back in return.

Of course the financial issue is also one that I relate to. About a laptop: I will suggest a site called, where my new laptop came from, it is an ASUS, and I am thoroughly pleased, also the co. has great policies regarding breakage, internal or external issues, even dropping it.... and fixes are quick and communication with the co. is great. My son builds computers and he has purchased most of the components from New Egg, over many years; always being quite happy with their customer service. He really likes ASUS products. So great track record!

It fully sucks though when the "it happened in transit" issues happen. Don't get me started on UPS and a long and drawn out interaction with them over a shipment!! YIKES! Let's just say that would be a 4 part blog post!!! Have you noticed how many shipping companies seem to push us to purchase insurance, yet when something happens where the insurance actually comes into play and is needed; suddenly it becomes null and void according to them!!! 8-P

If you want more info about laptops or that site, email me!!

Giving you many gentle hugs and loving thoughts that you are feeling the best that you can....I've been very very ill the last 2 weeks so not up to even think about posting...oh well.

Good Luck with the 'puter situation honey! <3


Amega Products said...

That was very frustrating. They should took care of the problem because that's their responsibility. That's why we have insurance and warranty.