Friday, May 8, 2009

Oh How I Miss Nursing

As a community nurse for almost 20 years, my career choice and my identity basically became fused. That is until the injury. As the days, weeks and months pass me by, I miss it more and more.

I absolutely loved my job. There really is no higher calling or other career choice that has the potential to have such an impact or to make a difference in an individuals' life. As a nurse, I saw people at their most vulnerable. Some were simply recovering from a surgery, some had chronic health issues and some were dying. Even those in the last stages of their lives were rewarding to treat, sad yes and difficult at times, but rewarding. To be able to provide physical, emotional and spiritual care to someone as they pass on is life-changing. It changed me, forever.
I recently entered Smith Magazine, 6 Word Memoirs where you are to basically provide your essence in 6 words. Mine was: "Injured Nurse Disabled and Profoundly Sad." What more can I say? I miss my patients, it makes me sad.

See if you can write your memoir in 6 words.

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