Saturday, May 16, 2009


Something else in research news to look forward to. The latest study indicates that those with fibromyalgia (or any type of chronic pain) seem to develop a problem with shrinking of the brain. Actually, that explains a lot. I thought my brain fog was caused by suffering and poor sleep 24/7, when in fact, my brain may be shrinking.

I am trying this new thing...Working on looking for the positive in a negative. Now, it is a little difficult to come up with some positives related to my shrinking brain, however the following is my good old college try:

1) The next time I do something outlandishly stupid, I have a legitimate excuse-"I'm sorry, please forgive my stupidity, but my brain is shrinking."

2) If I ever experience brain trauma that results in a brain bleed, there is more room in my skull now and therefore extra area for expansion that those with a normal brain do not have. Normally, time is of the essence to relieve the pressure on the brain and avoid permanent brain damage. With my shrinking brain however, the doctors will have more time. How's that for thinking positive??

3) If my brain shrinks enough, I may actually become eligible for disability benefits.

4) My last and personal favorite positive, there will be many more interesting adjectives available to describe me:


The article explains the loss of gray matter was three times greater in fibromyalgia patients than in normal test subjects. A lovely explanation that adds insult to injury, we sure are a lucky bunch us chronic pain sufferers!

Of course, I'm teasing, but one needs to keep their sense of humour when dealing with WSIB or any worker's compensation board! Laugh or you will go crazy...
Here's to thinking positive,


k.w.m said...

With my "shrinking brain" I find it hard to stay positive when dealing with the abusive organization known as the WCB, as everything about them is negative unless you work for them then the world is a glorious place to be.

lost butterfly said...

I could not agree with you more. I have been all but destroyed by them as well. I was a nurse for 20 years and got injured on the job. My last twitter post indicating what I think of them in one sentence:
Straight from the depths of hell with virulent cruelty, WSIB's primary goal is to dissolve the injured worker into wretched fragments...

Christie said...

I too struggle with fibro everyday, and chronic pain! I have also had 4 abnormal MRIs. I have lesions on my brain, or white spots, as some doctors refer to them as. I have also meen told my brain looks very old for a person my age. I was told I have MS also. But still do not have a definet diagnoses.I suffer from memory loss, cant make decisions, cant do things a women my age can do. It affects mt speech, my ability to do normal everyday things like the check book, cooking , cleaning, and etc. I am afraid to go places alone. I also have diabetes, high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, migraines,neuropathy in my legs and feet, arthritis, and a few others I have forgotten at the moment! Ha! All of these things have really taken a toll on my life and my family too. I am going to be going to a teaching hospital thats about 4 hours away from me to get further testing by a group of scientist and specialist. I am hoping and praying they can find a diagnoses for me! I am a 47 year old woman , and I feel like I am 90 already!I am praying for the good Lord to heal me and to guide me in the right direction to get the right diagnoses, and the right help I need.Reading your Blog and all your Posts have been a real blessing to me! I pray God Blesses you abundantly! And I would love for you to go and write on Open Talk Mom !Just click on the contributor tab and sign in. I think you are pretty awesome!! God Bless You my friend!!:)

lost butterfly said...

Dearest Christie,

Thank you so much for your amazing comment! I am so sorry for what you are going through. Although, your descriptions so clearly parallel what I too am experiencing that I could have written exactly what you have. It is very unfortunate that we have so much in common in that regard, however, I am so grateful to be able to chat with others that are going through the same thing. No one could understand unless they had experienced it. It is wonderful to have a like-minded person to supportively chat with, it makes the burden a little lighter somehow. :>) Thanks again for your comments. You will remain in my thoughts and prayers!

Take care of yourself,

Carolanne P said...

please humans we only use about 1/10 of our brain's capacity. Despite the fact that the total mass of the brain may be smaller, challenge yourself to keep on increasing your brain power. Writing and maintaining stimulation is awesome Jeannette!It is no different than a geriatric patient struggling with dementia and memory loss. With the proper nutrients (ginsing, B-Complex, Co Q10) and continued exercises of reading and writing and puzzles etc you can strengthen the muscle and prevent a loss and deterioration of your ability to retain and learn. Remember the brain is a muscle. Keep doing what you are doing. That's all! Carolanne (just me!)