Sunday, May 29, 2011


I was just reading a few old posts and could not help but see the HUGE contrast in where I was both physically and mentally at that time compared to now. If you read my most recent entry: "The Good the Bad and the Ugly", part 1 and compare it to the entry dated September 16/09 entitled "Know When to Fold Em," you will see what a miracle truly looks like. Clearly I was in a bad place at that time.

I will begin on part 2 this week of "The Good the Bad and the Ugly" and this contrast is worth mentioning only so that it will be clear that after struggling for so long to improve and return to work, I was finally successful...The very fact that I have come so far only to be discarded by my employer is even more heartbreaking. In part 2 I will go into more detail of what has occurred regarding the Human Rights case but even before that I welcome prayers that the case will go in my favor.

See you soon for Part 2.

Take care and stay well.

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